Michele Koch

Multi Media Artist

About Me

Michele Koch
I am a self-taught artist in sculpture, acrylic, mixed media, and pastels. I get most of my knowledge from the library and from studying other artists.
I have worked as a portrait artist for several years, and I am currently working on mixed media pieces for private collectors.
I enjoy participating in the local art competitions as a professional artist and have won numerous awards while doing so. My formal education is in computer science, and I am continuing my studies in digital art and graphic design.
I am accepting commission jobs, but I have a waiting list. Check out my contact page for details!
You can also see what I’m currently working on by following me on Facebook.
I look for inspiration in Celtic Knot work, Irish history, steampunk metal and gears, fall colors, and tattoos. I am constantly working to discover more mixed media techniques, ideas, and master pastels.
I work by the motto that you can’t sit around and wait to be inspired before you start creating. The simple act of creating will inspire you.
I am also an Amazon Artisan. I make and sell jewelry on Amazon’s “Handmade” platform under my business name  Conjured Arts LLC.
I hope you enjoy my work and find it inspiring.
Thanks for visiting my site!